Organic commitments
Organic Languedoc wine: an obvious philosophy

In 1994, Roger GAUSSORGUES decided to eliminate all use of chemicals to produce organic Languedoc wine. Indeed, that year his first child Theo was born. Carole and Roger wanted to pass on eco-responsible values to their child. In the autumn of that year, heavy rains flooded the vineyard. Very observant, Roger noticed that the soil at the foot of the unploughed and chemically treated vines had disappeared. The other ploughed and untreated vines had not suffered any damage.

This confirms his intention to cultivate the estate in Organic Agriculture. In 1999, Roger definitely left the cooperative cellar of Saint-Bauzille-de-Putois. Thus, he chose to cultivate his 12ha of vines in Organic Agriculture.For the time, this was a pioneering step, but one that seemed so right and obviious for himself.

Organic Agriculture

In 1999, the Domaine d’Anglas wines were certified as organic.

From then on, Roger only produced wines from organically grown grapes. This means that he no longer uses any chemical products on his land. He respects a very precise set of specifications. These ban all chemical weeding and all use of synthetic treatment products. To fight against l’oïdium, Roger can use sulphur, as well as copper to prevent mildiou.

Since 2012, the Organic Agriculture label also covers the vinification. However, Roger has always vinified with as little intervention as possible in the cellar. He has always respected an eco-responsible vinification.

Agropastoralism in the organic vineyard

The Sustainable development is the key to the proper functioning of organic vineyard. Indeed, located at the gateway to the Cévennes National Park, agropastoralism is a mainstay of local territory. This is why, each year during the winter, more than 400 sheep come to graze the organic vineyards of Domaine d’Anglas. In collaboration with the shepherd, the flock results in fertilising naturally the soil and maintaining the grassing in the vineyard, a real cooperative job to protect the environment!

This is why the sheep has become the emblem of Domaine d’Anglas and is also featured on each wine label.

The Languedoc wine without sulphite from Domaine d’Anglas

Roger also produces Languedoc wine without added sulphite. He really wants to make a wine as natural as possible. Of course, when the grapes ferment, they produce sulphur dioxide, the scientific name for sulphite, but at an extremely low level! In reality, it is an antiseptic that helps to protect the wine during fabrication. But its use, which is highly regulated, is neither compulsory nor systematic.

Producing a sulphite-free wine , means collecting a healthy harvest and maintaining impeccable hygiene in the cellar. Thus, Roger is very rigorous and vigilant. He accompanies his wines, he observes, he tastes. And so, he realises that his wines do not need this preservative. They preserve themselves very well.

And when you taste it you discover a fair, natural and authentic wine !

Reuse : an environmentally friendly solution

Since 2022, we have been using returnable glass bottles thanks to our partner Oc’Consigne. This SCOP (Cooperative society of production) federates the actors of the glass packaging sector to reintroduce the practice of reuse in the East of Occitanie. Oc’Consigne is developing a model of voluntary collection or with returnable glass containers.

Thanks to the installation of returnable glass bottles, you consume without making waste. In fact, once the bottles have been collected, Oc’Consigne offers a washing service with the resale of the washed packaging using renewable energy sources. Each reused bottle saves 75% of energy, 79% of CO2 and 33% of water.

In short, Roger applies methods which respect the environment and people. In this way, he protects the earth’s ecosystem and water resources. He reduces the risk of pollution of groundwater and the health of all those who live around the estate. The inhabitants, family, staff and customers are involved.

A green key campsite in Cévennes

The Domaine d’Anglas has always been more than just an ecological campsite in the Cévennes, it is also an organic vineyard. Carole and Roger Gaussorgues and their team are committed to sustainable development. This ecotourism philosophy is in line with their strong environmental values. Located in the heart of the Gorges de l’Hérault, the Domaine d’Anglas campsite is surrounded by exceptional and preserved areas. In this sense, it seemed natural and necessary to act for the safeguard of this territory. At a time when everything is about consumption, speed and destruction, this ecological campsite takes eco responsible steps in favour of the environment and the well-being of everyone.

An ecological campsite in Cévennes

As nature lovers and sensitive to environmental issues, Domaine d’Anglas campsite has always worked to enhance the ecosystems around it. Indeed, located at the gateway to the Cévennes National Park,  the campsite is situated on the Natura 2000 site of the Gorges de l’Hérault. It is therefore with the greatest respect for the local fauna and flora that it has been able to invent itself for the greatest happiness of all.

In complete harmony with the philosophy of the Domaine d’Anglas, enjoy a re-energizing swimming in our natural pool ! This pool was built in 2017 and operates on the lagoon principle with a 300m3 swimming basin and a filtered water basin with plants. All of this offers the possibility to enjoy a dip in water generously heated by the sun, healthy without chemicals overlooking a panoramic view on le Thaurac!

A 100% natural setting, a moment of biological refreshment and well-being guaranteed!

An eco-responsible label : Clef Verte

Since 2014, the 5-star ecological campsite Domaine d’Anglas has been certified Clef Verte . First international environmental label, the Clef Verte ecolabel brings together all the tourism stakeholders from accommodation to catering. This acknowledgement evolves continually! The structure is committed to an efficient and constant environmental approach in the implementation of each new action.

Domaine d’Anglas is very concerned about its ecological impact on the Earth. It set up a simple and responsible environmental policy by raising the awareness of each of its customers and employees to preserve this beautiful environment:

Waste sorting, Water management: sanitary facilities equipped with water reducers, reduction in irrigation, Respect for surrounding crops: organically farmed vineyard,Energy resources management: lighting, heating, fridges, water flow,Electricity supplier: a company which produces part of electricity from energy drawn from the river Herault. Solar panels for our sanitary water, Sustainable procurement: eco-labelled cleaning products, local and seasonal food products, Cleaning of common areas and rentals with eco-labelled sanitary products,Removal of plastic, Zero-phyto on the 115 hectares of property: no pesticides or glyphosate!, Natural swimming pool without any chemicals, Nature activities : eco-responsible workshops for children

Don’t wait any longer to spend a weekend or your holiday at Camping d’ Anglas!






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