Domaine d’Anglas is a restricted 12 ha vineyard surrounded by 113 ha of an authentic and beautiful nature, just located at 40 km on the North of Montpellier. Influenced by the Mediterranean see, the Cévennes mountains and the plateau of Larzac, the vines grow in the heart of a landscape of garrigue and its aromas! In the soil, we can find limestone fossils as well as pebbles of quartz that will provide all the complexity to the wines!

In this preserved environment, Domaine d’Anglas is managed by Carole and Roger Gaussorgues. Lovers and respectful for their land, they welcome you in their family estate since 4 generations and they make you discover their terroir, their experience and their wines: A committed and passionate work to offer sophisticated and audacious wines that will give pleasure to the most demanding palates!

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Organic Commitments

In 1994, Roger GAUSSORGUES decided to eliminate all use of chemicals to produce organic Languedoc wine. Indeed, that year his first child Theo was born. Carole and Roger wanted to pass on eco-responsible values to their child. In the autumn of that year, heavy rains flooded the vineyard. Very observant, Roger noticed that the soil at the foot of the unploughed and chemically treated vines had disappeared. The other ploughed and untreated vines had not suffered any damage.

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Vineyard and terroir

Domaine d'Anglas is a confidential vineyard of 12ha. It is located in the heart of a natural cirque of 115 hectares of preserved nature. It is oriented, to the south towards the Mediterranean, and to the north towards the Cévennes and Larzac. This is how he produced our famous Terrasses du Larzac wine!

Today, on the vineyard of Domaine d'Anglas, we produce 10 wines . 2 AOP Terrasses du Larzac, 3 AOP Languedoc, 2 IGP Pays d’Hérault, 2 Vin de France and 1 Vin Mousseux.

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Carole and Roger Gaussorgues produce authentic Languedoc wines, wines vinified with respect for tradition and terroir.
Throughout the year, it is an extraordinary work that they carry out to be able to make organic wine without sulfite.

Thus, they are busy in the vineyards during the 4 seasons. They put into practice ancient techniques complemented by more modern techniques in order to offer you wines of exceptional quality. The result is an organic wine without sulphite, without artifice, marked by the typicity of its terroir of origin, in the Terrasses du Larzac appellation.

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of camping d'Anglas

14 April 2022

Weekend Détente Printemps 2022

Les beaux jours arrivent et les weekends prolongés aussi ! En anticipant votre réservation au Domaine d’Anglas, bénéficiez d’une[...]

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25 November 2021

Ventes Privée de vin Bio

Ventes Privée de vin Bio : A 30 minutes de Montpellier rendez-vous les vendredis 03 et 10 décembre et[...]

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14 October 2021

Vendanges 2021 dans l’Hérault, historiquement basses en Occitanie

Un constat général cette année: en Occitanie, les vendanges 2021 dans l’Hérault sont historiquement basses. Les vendanges au Domaine d’Anglas sont[...]

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