The Winegrower Almanac

Vines Pasture

A flock of 400 sheep pastures on, walks through the vines and fertilizes our land from December to March.

Soil Fertilization

It is done by the flock durin winter: from December to March

It  is completed by composted sheep manure : from October to November

Buds remove

It consists in pick useless buds out : from mid-May until the end of June .


The only treatments we make are with natural products with no chemical produce.

Copper is sometimes used in moderation to prevent and to fight againt disease as “oïdium”and “mildiou” .


it consists to cut  grass under stumps : from May to July.


It consists to make bad seeds disappear  : from May to July.

Ripeness checking

With the help of the œnologist , it allowss to check grapes ripening.


After all this work, it is the award : from September to November.

The grape harvests are manual and the harvest takes place only in optimal maturation of the grape ; the wine grape are carefully picked in small boxes.

The sunny hillsides give a small production of 20/25 hl by hectare..


The wine making is completely home-made and natural, without addition of sulphite. Every stage of the wine making is organized with care to respect the natural quality of the grape. Thanks to a semi  buried cellar, a vestige of the great grandmother, the juice flow by gravity directly in the vats.

Very few pumpings are necessary during the vinification of wines which lasts about  2 years.


A selection of several wines is produced in barrel and the other one  in a wooden vat. In that way, the produce of wines of the Domain goes on gently and with  delicacy.


The step of the blend of wines allows to finalize sublimely the various vintages!! We do it with our oenologist.

Thanks to a well-kept and applied work, all the estate’s wines are very naturally stable. After the bottling in the property, they could be preserved during numerous years, because they will continue to improve slowly in the time.