The Know- How


Carole and Roger are committed to offer you authentic Languedoc wines, vinified in the respect for tradition and terroir …

They preferred quality over quantity by producing two times less than a conventional vineyard : 25hl/ha instead of 60hl/ha!



They chose to pick the grapes by hand to preserve the whole bunches and make a careful selection of the best grapes. Damaged bunches are not harvested.

The grape harvest begins only when the grape reach full maturity.DIGITAL CAMERA

The harvest takes place in autumn, usually in September and October.


To limit the handling of the grape , bunches are cut with secateurs and gently deposited in a basket.

Then the baskets are emptied into boxes.

The boxes are then carried on a trailer to the cellar.

The harvested grapes can be used as fresh fruit for those who want “their organic grape cure “!

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La vignification - Domaine Anglas VignobleIt is the process that turns grapes into wine.

This is one of the most important steps in creating a wine.

More was the attention to detail of product quality increases.

The vinification takes place in 2 stages:

The yeast fermentation, which is the natural chemical process during which the grape juice will turn into alcohol.

Malolactic fermentation is when the preceding step is completed.

It keeps a constant quality of the wine and reduces acidity.

Here in the Domaine, they practice a traditional and natural winemaking, without added sulfites, which keeps the pure expression of the grape.

Each step of the wine making is organized sensitively to respect the natural quality of the grape.

With a semi cellar buried, remains of the great-mother, the juice flows by gravity directly into the vat.


Very few pumping are required during the aging of wines which lasts two years.

A selection of some wines is aged:

In barrels, the AOP Coteaux du Languedoc white ” Face au Château, , the AOP Terrasses du Larzac red “Le Chemin des Moutons” and AOP Coteaux du Languedoc rosé “Bordée par les Mûriers.

Another in wooden vat, AOP Coteaux du Languedoc “Esprit de la Garrigue” and the country wine “Le Petit Roy“.

Thus Domaine d Anglas wines aging  extends smoothly and with great delicacy


IMG_4504The step of wine blend, with the help of the oenologist, can finalize sublimely the different vintages.

Through a careful and diligent work, all the DD’s wines are naturally very stable and can after bottling to property, beware of many years (under good storage conditions no more than 14 °) as they continue to improve slowly over time.Savoir-faire-DomaineAnglas-Vignoble

The only treatments carried out are made only with natural products containing no chemical molecule to help the vine to defend itself and keep the soil alive.

This results in unpretentious wines marked by their native land …


The bottling is done to property.

This is the final step that completes the aging of wine before marketing.

That day, several operations are carried out: filtration, circulation, corking, putting wire gage on bottle, labeling, and cardboard boxing.