Food and Wine pairing Workshop

Tastings for the gourmets!

Discover by yourself the subtle aromas of wine through our gourmet tastings. Enjoy our delicious appetizers, carefully selected for their perfect combination with our organic and sulfite-free wines!

Several choices:

  • 9.00 € The Bouquet of 3 roses: for a successful summer!: 3 rosé wines and their trio gourmet bites
  • 11.00 € The Happy Aperitif, our favorite one!: 3 wines with their savoury dishes from the Cévennes
  • 12.50 € Our Designations, 3 colourful wines!: 3 colours for 3 different wines with their mediterranean food
  • 14.00 € Invitation for a gourmet wedding, an emotional moment: 4 wines with our sweet selection
  • Ask our menu and choose among our selection
  • Sit down: enjoy the calm and the beauty of the landscape; wait your tasting platter
  • Taste by yourself the food and wine pairings and appreciate the audacious weddings imagined by our sommelier.
    Let you guided by the "Aomas wheel" and the tasting sheet: a playfull method to learn how the taste!